Li Yang

Associate Professor
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Department member since 2003

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Bio and Research Interests

Dr. Yang's dissertation is entitled "XML Storage and Retrieval Using Semantic Binary Object-Oriented Database (Sem-ODB)."  Her current research interests include XML, semi-structured data and database systems, web services, semantic web, and Computer Science education.

In 2004, she and Dr. Anja Remshagen started the CSWoW (Computer Science Women of West Georgia) group, which aims at increasing and fostering interests in CS among female students at UWG, and provides support (such as senior CS student mentoring, faculty mentoring, etc.) to help them succeed in CS. They organize both social and academic events periodically during each semester.

Besides work, she also enjoys reading, movies (but not scary ones), good music, swimming, traveling and cooking.


  • Ph.D. in Computer Science (2003)
    Florida International University
  • M.E. in Computer Science (1998)
    Sichuan Union University, China
  • B.E. in Computer Science (1995)
    Sichuan Union University, China