CS Women of West Georgia

CS WoW is a group of students and faculty at UWG who are interested in Computer Science (CS).  Our mission is to increase the interest in CS among women at UWG; support women who are studying or interested in CS; and to encourage women to participate in CS related activities.

This under-participation in CS by large segments of our society represents a loss of opportunity for individuals, a loss of talent in the workforce, and a loss of creativity in shaping the future of technology.  Not only is it a basic equity issue, but it threatens our global economic viability as a nation.
"Common Ground: A Diverse CS Community Benefits All of Us" by Peter A. Freeman and Jan Cuny


  • President: Ashley Counts
  • Vice President & Webmaster: Ed Bala
  • Amanda Russell - Secretary
  • Faculty Advisor: Anja Remshagen


Mailing Address

Department of Computer Science
University of West Georgia
Carrollton, GA 30118