computer science eXperience Tutoring


csX provides free, one-on-one peer tutoring for students seeking help in their computer science (CS) courses. Peer tutoring offers an excellent learning experience for tutors and students seeking help. Peer tutoring reinforces the tutor's knowledge of the subject matter and creates an excellent educational opportunity in a personal environment. csX assists students with common computer tasks and information relevant to computer science courses. csX may direct students seeking help to appropriate faculty and/or staff for additional assistance.

csX Lab

csX is not a public computer lab. It is a tutoring lab for computer science classes only.  It is located in the TLC building, room 1-115 on the first floor.  In order to use the lab, you must be enrolled in at least one of the following courses: CS 1000, 1020, 1030, 1300, 1301, 1302, or 2100. In addition, all students must have their UWG ID card with them to sign-in before using the lab.

csX Tele-tutoring

csX tele-tutoring provides online tutoring.  Please see the information posted on your course web site and/or information provided by your instructor for more information about how to access csX tele-tutoring.

csX for Upper Division and Graduate Classes

csX also provides instructional support for certain upper divsion and graduate Computer Science (CS) classes.  Please check with your instructor for specific information regarding contacts and times.   Students in the 100% online MS in Applied CS program should review information found on the CS Graduate Portal for additional details regarding general technical assistance via csX Grad Help as well as course-specific assistance.

Tips for getting the most from csX

  • Try solving problems before visiting csX - you'll probably find that you are able to solve many of them on your own!
  • Bring specific questions when you visit csX. If you have truly made an attempt to work through a problem on your own, you will have more specific questions and we will have a better idea of what you need help with.
  • PROCRASTINATION IS A KILLER! Reduce your stress by not waiting until the last day before your assignment is due to come for help! Also, this will help you avoid a crowded csX when everyone else who waited until the last minute comes for help.
  • If you can't come and see us during lab hours, feel free to make an appointment (see contact info above).
  • We provide help and tutoring - NOT answers! We can guide you in the right direction but we cannot tell you if your answers are right or wrong.
  • When you leave csX, go home or to the lab and PRACTICE. Success in Computer Science has everything to do with the amount of time and effort you put in.