Lab Facilities

The Department of Computer Science maintains a comprehensive laboratory environment to support teaching and learning.  Our labs are equipped with current technologies and provide a flexible computing environment intended to give students the opportunity to learn and experiment with a wide variety of hardware and software tools commonly used in industry. Eligible CS majors are provided with 24/7 access to the CS computing lab and the TLC building using their UWG ID cards.

We have a total of 6 labs that includes two teaching studios (TLC 1-210 and 1-211), the csX tutoring lab (TLC 1-115), our general computing lab for CS majors (TLC 1-117), a robotics lab (TLC 2-101), and a game development/workshop lab (TLC 2-138).


The Department provides a number of services that complement the physical labs, many of which are available remotely via the Internet. In addition to the Moodle course web, lab services include:

  • Roaming profile and network file storage
  • MySQL database server
  • Virtual machine hosting for course projects

Once lab access is granted, students may access additional information and resources on these services from the CS Student Portal site on Moodle (login required).


UWG's connectWest wireless network provides  wireless network access from many areas on campus.  All CS labs and office areas are covered by connectWest.